Thursday, June 26, 2008

Important gay information

I tried unsuccessfully many a times to find a good job or accommodation. I used to scan classified sections of several newspapers for the same. But the disappointment was always the same. Either they did not like the way I was or after a day or two I realised I just could not adjust to their surroundings. The reason was the strange smiles, the sneers and remarks that are exclusively granted to gays.

However, when I saw the listings in the gay classifieds section of, I was compelled to change my mind. When I saw their gay classifieds, I though it was just a money making/marketing gimmick. But when I actually saw the adverts and listings in their gay classifieds, I admit I was less sceptical.

It did not take much time before I went to a place mentioned in their gay classifieds. This place was for gay accommodation and initially though I was apprehensive, once I went there everything disappeared and I felt instantly at home. I still need to try out their listings of gay jobs. Let’s see if it is as good as their gay accommodation. I am sure as this website becomes more and more popular and more listings come on their gay classifieds, it will be one place to be for all gays.

The world of internet has been a boon for almost everyone and now even gays can say the same. With a click of my mouse, I can find out about all good gay clubs in London, I can even enrol in sports clubs, or get tickets for theatres and land a decent job – all under one roof (read that as website). This is a dream come true as it is not easy to find exclusive gay jobs or gay accommodation. Thanks to the gay classifieds or I would still be searching for a roof!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

London and opportunities for gays in London

I thought that gays are a minor community in London. Though there are many gay men, when you really need them or seek them they are never to be found. I also noticed that there were very few things that were oriented or associated with gays in London. However, I had to change my mind when is saw so many postings on ‘’. I saw that too many things were happening for gays in London and you just need to keep your eyes open.

It is a relief to see so many events happening especially for gays in London as if they belong together. I was also happy to see a section for finding boarding and rental apartments for gays in London. This is a relief as not everybody accepts gays in London (though it is much better than before and improving rapidly).

Opportunities for gays in London are increasing. Whether it is a special sauna for gays in London or a night club, you can find things for gays in London easily now.

Not all the places accept gays in the UK but London is an exception. You can find many places in the UK where gays are not accepted. This is sad but true. Many countries still have a negative approach towards gays. Some distant and underdeveloped countries look down upon gays. At least, in this matter gays in London are much better off.

Soon, gays will be accepted in all places in the UK and it would be no longer shameful to be a gay. Gay men can now heave a sigh of relief as they are beginning to be accepted in several parts of the world. London is a pretty good example for people in other countries. It is no longer shameful for gay men to be gays in London.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gay community – It is all about the latest gay events

If you are on a lookout for all hotspots for gay dating and want information on gay events and gay clubs, this Blog might help you out.

You will find good places to hang out and enjoy gay dating. Some of these places are gay bars and restaurants. Some are gay clubs where you will find other people of gay community hanging out. These places are in London itself and you can find exceptional gay dating opportunities here.

Gay dating hotspots

Gay bars are great places to meet other people of gay community and chill out with them. Some of these places give you an opportunity for gay dating and hunting that you may not find in other places. Gay dating hotspots such as The Backstreet, Central Station, Cromptons, and 79CXR are based in London.

These gay dating hotspots are of diverse nature and you will find something that will suit you and your taste perfectly.

Latest gay events

Normally, all gay clubs host some gay events on special days. You will find different types of nights, where special music is played. These gay events help you meet like-minded people and enjoy special gay events hosted by gay clubs more thoroughly.

Gay clubs such as Scala, G-A-Y, Heaven, and Fabric provide you different gay events that are designed to suit almost all kinds of varying tastes.

Role of gay clubs in gay dating

Your chances of meeting people of the same wavelength increase significantly at gay events. People of gay community have diverse tastes and therefore it is important to hit the right spot when out gay dating. You meet people that you can actually connect with when you visit gay events hosted out by gay clubs.

So keep your eyes and ears open for gay events hosted by London’s premier gay clubs and your chances of successful gay dating increase considerably.

Find out below some of the latest gay events and happenings:

- Scala London is hosting a Space Studio Special on 29th March 2008

- G-A-Y is setting a gay event featuring top 100 dance floor fillers on 18th of March this year

- You can go to Heaven for Fruit Machine, which takes place every Saturday

If new and interesting gay events take place, will keep you updated. Watch out this space for some cool gay dating tips, new and happening gay events, other important news in gay community and much more.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ideal gay clubs for gay dating

Your search for ideal gay nightclubs ends here. Whether you want calm and tranquil atmosphere to unwind after a long tiring day or you want to party hard, these gay nightclubs are ideal destinations for gay dating or hooking up with a new guy.

Chill-out places for peace lovers in London

- Bar Code

One bar in Soho and other in Vauxhall, this gay nightclub is an amazing chill out place that can help you make a nice impression on your buddies. The amiable social settings of these gay nightclubs or bars are just perfect for peace lovers.

- Cromptoms

This gay nightclub in Soho is existent for 20 years now and is what we can call an experienced specialist in the industry.

- Village

You can describe this gay nightclub as light, clean, and friendly. The crowd that comes here for gay dating is young, trendy, and international. This gay nightclub also boasts of great music and staff to make your time truly enjoyable.

Adventurous places for daredevils in London

- Central Station

This lesbian and gay nightclub features top quality cabaret, a very busy environment, and plenty of booze to choose. Ideal for people who like fast-paced surroundings, this gay nightclub is ideal for meeting up new partners for gay dating.

- The Backstreet

Now this is what we can call truly alternative. For people who like to try new things, this place is a haven. Fetish for leather and rubber is something that separates this gay nightclub and its visitor from the rest. If you want a kinky gay dating experience, this is the place to be.

- Black Cap

A pub by the day and a sizzling gay nightclub by the end of the day – this club is another name for extravaganza. If you want to have some ‘me time’ and splurge on yourself, this gay nightclub by the garden terrace feature drag cabaret that can get you loads of fun.

If you ever have to go outside London, you might like these places also.

Homoelectric (Manchester)

Be it Indie, electro, dance or sometimes just plain cheese, this place is known for its great music and even live bands. In Manchester, you will find this gay clubs to be an ideal place for gay dating.

Bloemendaal aan Zee (Amsterdam)

If you think there is nothing for gay dating in Amsterdam, you will be surprised to know that just 20 minutes outside the city towards the beach is one Ibiza style gay club that features dancing in the sand (it is fun) every weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Five ways to fight ‘passion draught’ in gay dating

“I no longer feel as close to my partner as I used to once.” “There is something wrong with our relationship, we are drifting apart.” “I am bored with him. We hang out together so much that now I am missing my space.”

Gay dating and relationships suffer from same problems that straights and heterosexuals suffer. The heat and passion that brings you and your partner together, often evaporates after few months of togetherness.

Progression of gay dating London Gay Men

The usual pattern of gay dating starts in gay nightclubs, where you hook up with a hottie. Everything about him is just perfect, you both love same things, you have been to same places, and you feel you are ‘made for each other’. You make a date and decide to meet in the same gay nightclub on next weekend. The gay nightclub that you visit sort of becomes your sacred meeting spot then you go a step further and visit other places that you like. As time progresses, whenever you both are free, you both meet up and share a special bond, which at that time feels will last forever.

However, change is the rule of universe and the bond that united you once, dissolves gradually. If you are caught in a situation like this, read on. The following five tips might help you to get rid of boredom in your relationship:

• Communicate, communicate, and communicate. This is the key to success in all relationships

• Ask your boyfriend to respect your privacy and space and then visit gay nightclubs separately. Meet new people and make new friends

• If you two do not meet each other for a month but continue to talk on phone during this period, the next scheduled visit may get the sparks alive

• Understand, this is a transitional phase that comes in all relationships, gay or otherwise

• If you are having commitment phobia and do not like permanency in life in fear of stagnancy and boredom, remember you can be adventurous without switching partners. The best way to get rid of boredom is travelling to new places, doing something new, trying something that you both do not do usually

Gay dating and relationships are no different from heterosexual relationship. Do not think that you will not encounter the same set of problems that the world around you faces.

Gay night clubs and gay dating hotspots

You might like to go to many new travelling destinations and gay nightclubs. Internet is the source to get more information about new places to rekindle your lost love.

If you want to add fun and wish to do something new, you can visit places such as The Backstreet. This venue is known for its sexy leather and rubber fetish visitors. Another hotspot in London is Black Cap, a pub that features drag cabaret by night.

There are many more bars, bubs, and gay nightclubs that might catch you fancy. Information is available on the net, all you need to do is open your eyes, mind, and soul!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Adrenaline rushing sports clubs for gay community

Now that I am tired of going to gay events and gay clubs for gay date hunting, it is no wonder that I am looking for more opportunities…

Lo and behold, I got one too. I have found a great way to meet up like-minded people, who admire sports and fitness as much as I do. Now one particular club that has all my attention is 4Play Squash. This place is super cool because it welcomes players of all ability levels. This means I have the chance to be selected. I guess I have to work out now, increase my stamina, and yes of course, quit smoking. Squash is not as difficult as rugby, so I guess I can do it.

Now that I have said about rugby, I have to mention Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Football Club. I do not think I can ever become a rugby player, sigh. Hey but I can always become a supporter. Now that is something as adrenaline rushing for me as it would be for rugby players. Watching a rugby match and finally supporting a team that I really am attached to. This club offers a membership for non-players (there might be many more like me) and their fee even includes a club tie. Now that’s cool.

Now for the final gay event and gay clubs that I am dying to join is Leftfooters FC. They do not play the game as if it were a matter of life and death. They do not chide you if you miss the ball. Every Sunday afternoon, I get a chance too meet up friendly people of gay community and after that head for drinks. Heaven!

They also play games against gay teams from Brighton, Bristol, Leicester, and Yorkshire, now that’s what I mean by OPPORTUNITIES. It does not end here. I may even stand the chance of visiting other places as their team has been to Copenhagen, France and Berlin to play in tournaments there.
London Gay Men

I am going to have a rocking time ahead!!!

What’s happening in the gay community?

I recently visited a cool website called and my entry is going to be all about this new guide or directory.

This website for gay community is all that we aspired for – they have listings of all hotspots in London such as gay clubs, bars, pubs, dining and shopping destinations. Gay community will find lot of help with accommodation and financial and legal advices.

There is much more to this website but it is better that my fellows find it out themselves. One particular gay events that I am looking forward to is enlisted in their latest event section. ‘Ridiculusmus’ is a theatre play that all my fellows of gay community may like. This event is going to be hosted at Barbican Centre, London.

One more problem that is now solved (thanks to LondonGayMan) is of finding good gay clubs in London besides G-A-Y. I am most interested in visiting ‘Heaven’ on Wednesday when Fruit Machine takes place. I really hope it is as good as I expect it to be. I also secretly (it is going to be no secret after the world reads this) wish that I meet up some sizzling hotties of gay community there.

One more gay club that has got my attention (again listed in directory of LondonGayMan) is Fabric, which is located in Charter House/2 Farringdon Rd, City of London. After visiting their website I found they have body sonic dance floor, which mean whatever song is being played, the bass will pass through my bones, now that is something. Cannot write more about this unless I visit this club myself.

Anyways, I will keep you posted on my experience of these events and in these places. till then, ciao!